Meet the Artist

Art and Jewelry for the Unconquered Soul

Cosmic greetings, fellow seeker! I am RiverWind, and my jewelry designs unfurl from the playful dance I shared with rocks and minerals during my childhood. These earthly treasures, once unceremoniously hammered, reveal their hidden crystals—wonders veiled by years of safe burial within rock layers. With careful washing, precise cutting, and polishing, each stone’s beauty emerges, transforming it into a simple bead or a centerpiece for adornment.

Adornment, an ancient art, weaves its magic across millennia. From the ancient caves to the sands of Egypt, and among the Native Americas, we’ve adorned our bodies with objects of beauty and meaning. Enter Taliswymon Designs, a tribute to your “Unconquered Soul”. My cosmic abode rests by the breathtaking Rocky River in central North Carolina, where the river’s song harmonizes with my spirit. Yet, I also dwell in the sub-tropical embrace of the Everglades in Florida, surrounded by a menagerie of dogs, cats, and a wise parrot. Here, my designs bloom from a wellspring of wildness, nurtured by mysticism and the natural world. 

Beyond my celestial musings, I wear the mantle of an ecologist and conservationist, my roots reaching back twenty-five years into the healing arts. Energy healing, massage, somato-emotional release, sound healing and herbal medicine course through my veins, infusing my work with soulful vitality. And now, dear seeker, my hope unfurls like a cosmic sail: to share my creativity with you. Whether it’s repairing your cherished wearables, guiding an art class, or weaving a one-of-a-kind piece just for you on your spiritual journey, I await your soul’s whispers. 🌟🌿✨